5Ps Framework for London

Developing the 5Ps Framework

Through our work, building on national and local evidence and experiences, we have developed a set of principles to deliver better health and care outcomes for Londoners – the “5Ps” Framework. The principles are: Purpose, Priorities, Place, Pounds, and Providers – underpinned by a sixth “P”; People.

In 2022, we have focused on how, as systems and places in London, we can support each other to put the “5Ps” framework into action – given that we’re all working towards similar goals.

Two key questions raised in the development of the 5Ps were: “Why can’t we?” – for example, “why can’t we make tackling inequalities the overarching purpose of our Integrated Care Systems, Boards and Partnerships?” – and, as importantly, “If not now, then when?” in relation to delivering for our communities through these shared priorities.

The London 5Ps Framework for integration

London’s 5Ps Framework has been co-developed in partnership with key stakeholders and communities across London to explain and support the delivery of better integrated, person and community centred care.

5Ps Framework for London

The 5Ps framework provides the shared principles to help guide our partnerships and support us to work together more effectively. At the heart of the 5Ps sits a sixth P; People.

Frontline professionals, patients and service users, families and carers, elected members, organisational and system leaders, and London’s diverse communities are critical to the success of service integration and are central to each of the 5Ps.

The 5Ps present a challenge to all of us who are focused on the future of health and care integration in London. Despite our best efforts, many people in London still experience health inequalities and poor outcomes.  We are being asked to think deeply about the barriers to addressing the often long-standing challenges and opportunities that exist around how health and care is delivered in London, and to explore the power of partnership working to do things differently.

The 5Ps in practice