Air Quality Programme Office: leading the air quality and health vision

Improving the quality of the air that we breathe is a significant challenge for most major cities, and London is no exception. Reducing pollution and creating cleaner air in a city of over nine million people requires a collaborative approach. Over the years, Government, the Mayor of London and local authorities have worked in partnership with health bodies to introduce improvement programmes, such as the introduction of the ULEZ (Ultra low emission zone) around London and the expansion of the congestion charge zone to include more of central London.

A study by King’s College showed that, in 2010, 9,400 premature deaths in London could be attributed to air pollution from particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, both of which can affect lung function and breathing over the long term and worsen asthma.

Led by the Air Quality Programme Office, this project aims to lead the air quality health and care vision, co-ordinating interventions to improve air quality across the Capital and advocating action, particularly in terms of reducing the inequalities that exist in relation to pollution exposure across London boroughs.