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Throughout the NHS bowel cancer screening campaign, celebrities engaged with the information and resources which were created for the campaign. They promoted the NHS bowel cancer screening campaign on their social media accounts and talked openly about their personal situations.

George Alagiah

George Alagiah advising on how simple the NHS bowel cancer screening tests are to use and how it saves lives.

In August 2022, George Alagiah spoke to The Asian Today Online about his experience with his bowel cancer diagnosis. He spoke in detail about how easy the (FIT) kit was to complete at home and explains why early detection and treatment are vital with the intention encourage people to use the test without delay. The article was shared across multiple social media platforms and translated into several languages to reach as many people as possible raising awareness of the NHS screening programme.

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Dr Karan

Listen to Dr Karan explain everything you need to know about Bowel Cancer Screening, from receiving your kit, to completing it and returning it in the post.

Social Media

With the aim of the NHS bowel cancer campaign in London to reach as many people from different cultures as it could, social media was a significant resource to use. This saw campaign posts shared across different social media platforms and reaching over 1.6 million people in London.

Online News

Read articles about the social media campaign from various media outlets highlighting the importance of breaking down barriers for eligible patients of the screening programme.

Your next poo could beat bowel cancer, news article about the importance of the NHS bowel cancer Screening Programme.

Voice Online

Learn more about the NHS screening programmes.