Read the full pre-consultation engagement report here (PDF).  

Engagement with people and communities has been and will continue to be an essential part of NHS England’s process. We have been summarising feedback that we have received during the pre-consultation period. The primary purpose of the pre consultation period was to understand how the consultation could best reach affected patients and staff as well as wider communities who may be future users of services. Additionally, understanding what the opportunities, challenges, mitigations, and solutions might be, in terms of relocating the service. This has allowed us to create information to help people respond during the consultation as well as informing the approach to and documentation around mitigating negative impacts and enhancing positive ones.

We engaged with people in the following ways:

739 responses, in total, to the engagement

27 engagement sessions (including events, focus groups and meetings)

313 responses to online surveys

7 visits to wards on the different sites to speak to staff and families

44 direct responses via email

Over 2,015 organisations and individuals directly contacted to encourage responses