Video transcript

When I turned 60, I first got a bowel screening kit through the post from the NHS so I did what was necessary, which is not particularly pleasant but I sent it back straight away.

I think the third time I was sent it, I put it off because I wasn’t looking forward to doing this little thing with the poo – and that was the one where they then contacted me and said they had found little traces of blood in the sample I sent, and they wanted to investigate it a bit further.

They had a look, and they removed some polyps, but it didn’t seem like there was anything wrong until they analysed the samples they had taken, and they found that there was cancer in one of the polyps.

So now I’m all clear and I’m just very grateful that I did the screening and got it done at the time because it saved me so much potential trouble – there is no way I would have known there was something wrong inside there and it could have just got worse.