Janet Murungi, 56, from Hackney, north London, waited a few days after receiving her NHS bowel cancer screening kit in the post before she used it.

As Chair of the Community African Network and a volunteer at her local GP surgery, Janet leads a busy life. “Then I reminded myself, good health is wealth, especially as one ages!” laughs Janet.

When completing her test, Janet was surprised by how quick and easy it was. “The instructions were very straightforward, it’s very easy to do – you just follow a few simple steps and you’re done.”

Janet sent her sample off using the pre-paid envelope provided. “I prayed for it to be fine,” says Janet, who felt a huge sense of relief when her results came back. Janet enjoys spending time with her family and is committed to maintaining her good health. Since completing her free NHS bowel cancer screening test, she has been encouraging others in her community to do the same.

“No matter what, you must not ignore your test,” says Janet. “Bowel cancer screening saves lives. It means you can get investigated if something doesn’t look right. I encourage everyone to be safe and do their test as soon as they get it.”