Beverley Hart, 65, who works for Transport for London and lives in Wood Green, says:

“I did my first NHS bowel screening test two days after I got it, because cancer kills people and you have to catch it early to have any chance of recovery.
“It wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but as a mum of one and nanny of one, I have changed a few nappies and, if you have done that, the test is not a problem.
“It was about a week before I got the letter telling me everything was ok.
“It is 5 minutes out of your life, so my advice is ‘Go for it, and have some extra special hand wash ready for afterwards.’
“I’ve now done the test three times and I’m going to keep doing it every time it’s sent to me.
“We are so lucky to have a NHS that does this kind of thing.”